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Myco MC RTU Disinfectant Product Overview

Myco MC RTU Disinfectant Directions Efficacy

Myco MC RTU Disinfectant Directions Efficacy Spanish

Myco Mold Control RTU is an EPA registered disinfectant, viricide, sanitizer, mildewstat, cleaner, and deodorizer. While MC RTU was developed for use in the water damage restoration / mold remediation industries, this versatile product is safe and approved for everyday use in homes, schools, hospitals, and other sensitive environments.

  • EPA-registered to kill SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 Virus), Human Coronavirus, SARS associated Coronavirus, Norovirus (F. calicivirus), and other pandemic related organisms.
  • Included on EPA’s “List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV2/COVID-19”
  • Convenient, ready-to-use formula.
  • Kills 99.9% of institutional & household bacteria.
  • Hospital-grade disinfectant approved for use in (but not limited to) healthcare, hospitality, food & beverage, manufacturing, retail, educational facilities, and more.
  • Compatible with a wide variety of application and spray equipment.
  • Perfect for use in water damage restoration and mold remediation by inhibiting the growth of mold & mildew.


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