AIR Members

Express Chem is excited to become an AIR Affiliate and looks forward to supporting a group of independent, critical-thinking, restorers. Our Myco line of products was developed to help with the unique problems that face water damage restoration and mold remediation professionals. My team and I look forward to speaking with AIR members more in depth about Myco, and how our different products can be used.

Who We Are: Express Chem is a chemical manufacturer that has been making products for the abatement, remediation, and restoration industries for over 10 years under our own branded names/formulas or contract manufacturing for other companies. While you might not have heard of Myco or Express Chem before, you probably have used a paint stripper, mastic remover, hand sanitizer, or disinfectant wipe that we manufactured.

How we can help AIR members: Myco is offering AIR members a HIGHLY REDUCED price on our entire line of disinfectants and cleaners. Please do not share these prices. We manufacture and ship from St. Louis to anywhere in North America.

MC RTU Disinfectant (Ready-to-Use) Quarternary Ammonium based disinfectant in a ready-to-use solution (no dilution needed)
$ 11.70 per gallon
Compare To:
Foster 40-80
IAQ 2500
Shockwave RTU
MC Disinfectant (Concentrate) Quaternary Ammonium based disinfectant. Dilute 2-4 oz per gallon of water.
$ 18.50 per gallon
Compare To:
IAQ 2000
Mediclean Germicidal Cleaner Concentrate (Green Bottle)
Botanical Disinfectant (Thymol Based) Thyme-Oil based disinfectant for a safer and greener disinfectant. No PPE required.
$ 18.37 per gallon
Compare To:
Concrobium Broad Spectrum Disinfectant II
Mediclean BotaniClean
Bioesque Botanical
Benefect Decon 30
200 – Peroxide & Q.A. Cleaner (8% Hydrogen Peroxide) Hydrogen peroxide (8%) to aid in the removal of organic material and stains. Quaternary ammonium to jumpstart the disinfection process.
$ 15.00 per gallon
Compare To:
IAQ 1000 or IAQ Advanced Peroxide Cleaner
Anabec Advanced Cleaning Solution
Serum 1000 (a lighter version)
Sentinal 300
220 – Peroxide & Q.A. Cleaner (20% Hydrogen Peroxide) Elevated hydrogen peroxide (20%) to remove the heavy organic soils and stains. Quaternary Ammonium to jumpstart the disinfection process
$ 16.80 per gallon
Compare To:
Serum 1000
400 - Mold & Mildew Stain Remover (Sodium Hypochlorite based) Aggressive Sodium Hypochlorite formula to tackle the toughest mold & mildew stains.
$ 18.00 per gallon
Compare To:
RMR 86
Bad Axe MMR
Fiberlock Instant Mold Stain Remover

Reach out to the Myco team for any questions or sample requests.
Myco Team: (314) 480-3277
Express Chem Toll Free: (888) 266-4600 (Ask for Myco team member)
or email Robert Jackson, Myco Sales Manager, directly at [email protected]